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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Livin-Vampire of India

As the world of fraudulence and excessive might, takes center-stage, penetrating through the souls of ordinary middle class; on few occasions the fuel of patience ascribed to young blood runs scarce and the thrust of resistance crops in. The resistance moment has begun (via Anna Hazare movement), while the revolution is awaiting. Stuck at a sense of lump in the throat and de-energized with intense anguish, I managed to narrate events displaying horrifying brutality and acrimony of power, exercised in some lawless belts of the independent India. It’s a traditional discourse to expect roses on your birthday, but somewhere in the dense ‘Jungle Raj’ of Northern India exists a sadistic political chief who demands ‘blood’ as a token.  This incident occurred last year in the state of Uttar Pradesh, when a accomplished civil service officer was murdered for the crime of refusal to donate ‘funds’ for the Grand celebration of the State chiefs Birthday Bash. My oxford dictionary search found ‘Vampire’s’ having close resemblance with such conduct.  You don’t have to break your head to dig into the search engine inorder to guess this sinister figure; yes it is the BSP supremo the Great ‘lady’ politician, Mayawathi. An icon and an inspiration for millions of India's Dalits, who were oppressed by the upper castes for centuries, she is adorably referred by her supporters and fellow-allies as Behen-ji, which means sister.

          Lady Mayawati by all accounts transcended as a ‘defacto’ idol to millions of downtrodden and oppressed class spread across the India's most populous state, which is also one of the poorest in the country. Critics pan her as an obsessive self-glorifying political feudal, but the gritty lady sneers them of conspiring against her. Our Behnji is by far, as most sources estimate the wealthiest chief minister of the country. Well then, my doubts get remotely cleared ‘Vampires’ do exists, atleast in human form. Dating back to the early eighties, Mayawati was employed as a teacher in Inderpuri JJ Colony, Delhi, and preparing for the Indian Administrative Services exams, when abruptly the ode of luck spiraled across flying into her doorsteps. This is when the legendary Dalit Activist Kanshi Ram approached her quite willingly to anoint her with the leadership. Kanshi Ram said, that he could nurture her political career to an extent that in the future, the entire fraternity of IAS officers would line up for her orders. And to this, gratifying promise of prospect and power, our lady decided to cease all other options. Set out with a firm determination to serve the Indian Civil Service, Mayawati turned the table upside down venturing to ‘Buy’ the Civil Service institutes instead. Kanshi Ram handed over the keys of the Magic door to the young ‘revolutionary’, with an audacity of hope to rally the wheels of Dalit struggle. As a result, Mayawati ventured into the world of politics, becoming the part of Kanshi Ram's team with the formation of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in 1984.

1.                              The early British traders had witnessed the fragile systems of the Indian provinces, as early as in the seventeenth century.  The nasty treatment of civilians, their low social-status and their miserable standard of living, alarmed the British, for they had not experienced anything closer to such exploitation at their own turf. The witty British mocked India as a funny country consisting funny people, grabbed total advantage of all the existing loopholes and set the chase for power. They managed to stamp the authority by colonizing the sub-continent over three centuries, with minor resistance from the handful of brave kingdoms. The Englishmen have left for over seven decades now, yet Indian systems remain flawed as ever. The dates have changed but the policies of ‘Master-Slave’ relationship, Labor-exploitation and culture of divide & rule make vibrant proceedings. Mayawati's past birthdays have been major media events, where she appeared laden with diamonds that were gifted by her fellow partymen as a token of admiration (some reports say, she actually threatens them to offer).  For the poor peasants of her constituency, Mayawati represents a ‘Goddess’ in human, a fantastic mis-representation that forms a perfect bread & butter sandwich. Every year, on the 15th of January, she appears on platform, standing over and above,  thousands of hysterical fans, teaming in to praise and worship their ‘goddess’, who is just about to be crowned with a ‘Garland’ strung with Indian Currency notes ! The economic Times estimated its worth to 5000 crores, interestingly it also reported that United States Deficit had skyrocketed and the once financial powerhouse of the world had slumped to its worst economic crisis. While, Wall Street tycoons hopped and cried for bailouts; the US state department initiated the ‘free meals’ program. Ironically, the nation of billion empty hands attempts to facilitate lavishly for abnormal glorification of ‘Narcissistic’ Political Zealots, at the same hour sacrificing their daily bread. Our Lady icon soaked herself in the bathtub bubbled with currency notes, leaving the generous donors and their children starving. This is precisely justified in the phrase ‘Celebration of Poverty’, underlined by the widely hailed socialist thinker Fedrich Engels.
Description: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-dvJQhpjrSR0/TvWmcTsff4I/AAAAAAAAABc/O2IfBCT8PMI/s320/mayawati_statue_20090710.jpgDescription: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IY0hqxIThrM/TvWmGa_q6hI/AAAAAAAAABQ/3cmmMwaboVc/s320/mayawati-garland.jpg

     As the electronic media, geared up its attention on Mayawati’s Satanical manifestation this year; cannily, on a sudden somersault, the Uttar Pradesh Chief ‘Monster’ decided to alter the motto behind her birthday from “Fund raising” to “People’s Welfare”. Not surprisingly, her ardent supporters declared her extraordinary-expensive birthday as Jan Kalyankari Diwas (People's Welfare Day) and the day was marked by the announcement of welfare schemes targeted towards poor and downtrodden people of the state (it was only a marked announcement). Her 2011 birthday, with the status of a ‘regional festival’, celebrated with pomp, was estimated over Rs 7,312 crores! It was heard that Sunil Mittal and Mukesh Ambani had to quaff a glass of water, following this haunting report. Mayawati's assets surge into millions of dollars, with several properties to her name.  In the 2007–08 assessment year, Mayawati paid an income tax of Rupees 26 crores, ranking among the top twenty taxpayers in the country. But the CBI cried foul, claiming the capstone figure to be the manipulated one, as her financial wealth grossed over several thousand cores. In her tenures as a Chief Minister, Mayawati erected number of statues of Buddhist and Dalit icons like Gautam BuddhaRavidas,Narayana GuruJyotirao PhuleShahuji MaharajPeriyar RamasamiBhimrao Ambedkar, BSP founder Kanshi Ram, and finally herself. You need not have to feel antagonized hereafter, reading through  the reports on Arab dictators like ‘Saddam Hussain’, Muamar Gaddaffi or Hosni Mubaraq about the obsession on self—proclamation and self-glorification, while your own can afford to have a  ‘ Gaddafi Plus’ untouched, uninterrupted and unquestioned (In the worlds largest democracy). She has spent over Rs 2,500 crore on projects of five parks with concrete images representing herself.

    The Diplomatic cables published on august this year through Wikileaks, the global whistleblower site revealed, that whenever she needed new sandals, her private jet flew empty to Mumbai to retrieve her preferred brand. The cables also add that the chief minister is paranoid about her security and "fears assassination" and employs "food tasters" to guard against poisoning. The releases scorn her as an ‘Autocratic’ supreme, stating that she maintains a "vice-like grip on all levels of power" and all decisions run through her or a small group of advisors. Mayawati, as always like every other wretched Indian Netha, hit hard on Julian Assange, the Co-founder and chief of the WikiLeaks org, condemning Assange and his organization of having an ‘Anti-Dalit mindset’. Not a bad remark by the way, given the creditability of her government, it is a uncontested conclusion that anyone anywhere in the world finds fault with Mayawati’s behavior and her elusive regime is by definition an ‘Anti-Dalit’. Later, Mr Assange responded to Mayawati, saying she had "betrayed rational thought" and asking her to withdraw her statement and apologize. Apology is something, which our Lady has only so far demanded, and is yet to offer. She never seemed like changing her mind this time, as her demand for an apology was blown off into ashes, notwithstanding the insult, she screamed ‘Mad Man’ referring Jullian Assange. To this Assange made a typical rather stylish, slap-stick British humor (he’s a Swedish-Australian by nationality), adding that he had been held under house arrest in the UK for 272 days but "would be happy to accept political asylum, in India -- a nation he loved, at the same time promising that he would bring Mayawati a range of the finest British footwear.

    Just then as I was laying some finishing touches to this fuming marathon essay, another Lady Vampire storm hit the chord. The inauguration of the extravagant 33 acre sprawl Bhim Rao Ambedkar park at Noida, built at a cost of 685 crore. Our lady landed her feet on the park, easing out from a high-security fighter copter. The frivolous park turned into a fortress with her arrival, encircled with a cluster of whooping 14000 security personnel, Cogent Crowds assembled as usual to catch a glimpse of the self-proclaimed ‘pharaoh’. The entire scene depicted the dramatization of a typical bollywood flick, on the platform there was only a royal VIP chair, meant for the only person, symbolizing Lady Mayawati’s coveted throne on stage. 
   The mighty complex also has fifteen statutes of legendary Dalit Icons like such as Ambedkar, Jyotirao Phule and Kansh Ram, including the gigantic one of our Lady Mayawati, flanked with ten stone elephants of 18 foot high. The political analysts and the observing media commentators do not seem to find any pejorative terms to describe Mayawatis reckless adventure using power and poverty. Last week alone, nearly four hundred children had died of deadly Japanese encephalitis, in the Gorrakhpur village of Mayawati's constituency. In response the venomous leach has sanctioned rupees 18 crore to combat the menace. The shameful culture of pleasing, very well imbibed in the power-politics, splits wide open in the contrasting sums of 685 crore spent on a catastrophic nonsense called as the memorial park at Noida and the 'peanuts' of 18 crore spilled for the epidemic relief program. Any reasonable human conscience can drag itself to question the requisite for these kinds of boisterous expenditures, in the midst of misery and human agony. where on earth could anyone transpire a better exhibition of power?  

  There would be no greater Social reformer of the downtrodden and the oppressed class for decades to come, than our own Dr. BR Ambedkar, the man behind historic Indian constitution. A man of reason like Bhimji, with cash-in-hand surmounting over six hundred crores, would straight away set to finance schools, hospitals, medical facilities, electricity, water etc and mobilize on basic amenities, contrary to what some of his successors have done in these days.  It’s a sign of mockery to the nation and Dalit movement, that Dr. Ambedkar’s personality is reduced to a mere statue. Concrete images of Bhimji, would in no way better the position of the downtrodden in the society, rather his moral principles should draw the attention. The state of Uttar Pradesh has the highest rate of school drop outs in the country about 71% of the children, child-labour is second highest in the country, over 35% of the children are victims of malnutrition and hence have a stunted growth, and over 60% of the masses live below poverty line. Mayawati, as a woman chief minister, has grossly neglected the empowerment of women, there are cases of rampant sexual abuses, domestic harassments, forced marriages and denial of every given right, the woman of India should possess. When Mayawati first sprang into power, Narasima Rao the then Indian prime minister attributed it as the ‘Miracle of democracy’, highlighting the humble beginnings of the lady. It may be true to a large extent; democracy does create a ‘level playing field’ and a vacuum for ‘merit’. In the same context the ill-tempered, semi-conscious German dictator Adolf Hitler and Indira Gandhi, the former congress supreme commander, the great nanny of state corruption were the outcomes of democratic electoral-ballot, resultant of charisma and mass-delusion.

    Democracy can breed the destiny of a layman, but it doesn’t mean that it expects that gratitude in return. Democracy as the ancient Greek philosophical genius ‘Plato’ on one occasion asks himself which is better? A bad democracy or a country reigned by a tyrant. He argues that it is better to be ruled by a bad tyrant, than be a bad democracy (since here all the people are now responsible for such actions, rather than one individual committing many bad deeds). As narrated centuries ago, democracy is a blend of sweat deception and bitter justice. Democracy with all its debts possesses the strength to augment the defects of theocracy, monarchy and dictatorship, and therefore it is the ideal state philosophy cherry-pick from the rest. Mayawati is a product of this carefully chosen system and hence it does not prevent citizens from voicing their opinion against her regime, unlike our friends in Libya and Syria. The same ‘Miracle of democracy’ that brought her into power can also dethrone her from the hot seat and indict her for all the criminal cases, corruption and fraud. Let’s hope the whispers transform into howls and the outcry of the virtue prevails over the vindictive vice.

Chris D’souza
‘Society of Free Thinkers’
 Mob: 9902818243

Mangalore, India

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